Take Back Your Time

Did you know that each year October 24th is “Take Back Your Time Day”? Take Back Your Time is a Seattle-based organization that challenges the epidemic of overwork, over-scheduling and time famine in the United States. TBYT strives toward educating people on how this way of life threatens our health, relationships, communities, and environment. While advocating for increasing the leisure time afforded to employees, TBYT also teaches the costs of time stress in our lives and workplaces. The TBYT movement is taking hold and you can be a part of it.

Here are the top 5 reasons why employers should support TBYT.


#5 – On average, more than 40% of Americans are leaving seven or more days of paid vacation on the table annually.

#4 – 90% of Americans say their happiest moments come from vacations.

#3 – 71% of Americans were more satisfied at work when they took regular vacations.

#2 – Employees who give up their vacation days are not performing better on the job.

#1 – Happy employees are PRODUCTIVE employees!

Employers can show their support for TBYT by creating a culture where it is okay to use up your vacation days. Spend some time with your employees conveying the important effect enjoying personal time has on the workplace. Employers should encourage their employees to use their allotted time each year in an effort to re-energize, recharge and return to the workplace with a renewed zest for their work. In addition to helping maintain focus and reducing stress, vacation time also has physiological benefits which can result in a healthier workplace. Employer and employees will both reap the benefits and that’s a reason to celebrate. If you weren’t prepared for Take Back Your Time Day this year, add it to your calendar for 2016 and host a TBYT event!