Why Law & [M]ocean?

Law & [M]ocean is a San Diego law firm that aims for justice in the workplace. Whether your situation involves discrimination, unpaid wages, denied leave or egregious sexual harassment, we are passionate about advocating for your rights!  We represent employees throughout San Diego and Southern California, providing a free confidential consultation to discuss your particular case.

If you have been the victim of injustice at the hands of your employer or you otherwise suspect a violation of state and/or federal employment laws, you may have the right to take legal action. You may be able to seek financial compensation and/or reinstatement of your previous employment.

Why hire an employment law attorney? Understanding precisely what to do in the face of discrimination, harassment or illegal labor or wage practices can be difficult. There may be conflicting interests at hand and you may be uncertain of whether your situation even provides for legal recourse.  Although the decision to hire an employment law attorney is a personal choice you must make for yourself, Nicole Heeder of Law & [M]ocean will address your questions and offer you honest, clear advice to assist in you in making the right decision for your unique employment law matter.

Nicole represents employees in a variety of employment law issues.  She is passionate about fighting for employees whose workplace rights have been violated! At Law & [M]ocean, we handle employment cases involving:

• Sex/Gender Discrimination
• Sexual Harassment
• Pregnancy Discrimination
• Pregnancy Leave Laws (PLL) or Paid Family Leave (PFL)
• Family/Medical Leave Denial or Other Leave Disputes
• Disability Discrimination (including AIDS and HIV)
• Medical Condition (cancer or genetic characteristics)
• Failure to Accommodate a Disability
• Race/Ethnicity/National Origin Discrimination
• Reverse Discrimination
• Age Discrimination
• Religious Beliefs/Practices Discrimination
• Sexual Orientation/Gay Rights Discrimination
• Wrongful Termination
• Wage Theft
• Failure to Pay Overtime or Double Time
• Failure to Provide Rest Breaks or Meal Breaks
• Failure to Pay Wages Owed at Time of Termination
• Unemployment Insurance Appeals
• Severance Negotiations
• Retaliation for Discrimination, Harassment and Wage Complaints
• Retaliation for Participating in an Investigation

For small business owners and other employers, Law & [M]ocean provides counsel concerning employee handbook preparation and compliance with state and federal laws.

At Law & [M]ocean, we understand that hiring legal representation is an important decision.  We believe in creating a strong working relationship with our clients, fostered by good communication and accessibility. We provide clients with a realistic understanding of the road ahead of them and trustworthy advice while zealously advocating for our their rights.  We always negotiate and bring cases to trial in pursuit of our clients’ best interests!

Contact Law & [M]ocean today for your employment law and civil litigation needs!

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